Musk bought Twitter for $40B+ and yes that's an astounding number. Twitter's board, however, could not circumvent the "rules" of legal precedent and corporate governance and not sell the Company. The rules of capitalism folks. There is no way Twitter is worth $40B- except to someone like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

The better comparison is Murdoch's FOX News empire- and his broader publishing footprint globally. The Murdoch family (including neoliberal son James who sits on the board of...Tesla) has leveraged those platforms to exert unprecedented power with politicians globally- like none ever. It has made them very, very rich.

Musk however is "Fuck You" rich already, and he has unbridled ambitions globally which affect everyone. Twitter as a platform will be first and foremost skewed to Musk's ends.


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Noticing that New Republic has to make that subtle (false) equation of Left and Right “delegitimizing” election. There are other ways to read Melenchon. He obviously isn’t saying the election was illegitimate. He’s saying the Left held back support because Macron didn’t give the people enough to win them. It’s a warning Macron and the neoliberals really need to heed—the people are not satisfied.

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"The problem is that we now live in a nation, and a world, where someone can buy the biggest megaphone there is—and there is no government brave enough to regulate him." Such a good and true sentence. Thank you.

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