You mention Marianne Williamson's campaign but don't include Robert F Kennedy jr? How hypocritical! When Sanders ran the media ignored him and refused to even mention him. When Williamson ran before she was also ignored. Now RFK is being treated like an invisible crazy.

He is the best candidate we have. Clear, transparent, incredible knowledgeable about how this country works from the inside and willing to call out corporate control and its disastrous impact. But calling for drug safety has put a false target on his back getting him labelled with an ad hominem as anti-vaxxer--a total lie. He has never come out against vaccines but calls for safety studies which the FDA illegally refuses to demand of the manufacturers, something they are required to do every 2 years for each one that they make. What is the horror for him doing this? What is wrong with you and other liberals for ignoring the enormous importance of safety studies given the extent of the damage to children's health over the years. How disappointing.

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