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I remember in law school during a torts class that I said I would not come forward if I had been raped. The professor and a lot of the men in class were shocked. But my reasoning was in line with these very same reasons shared here. Coming forward is putting yourself on trial. In more recent years, Women have stood up so that the person who sexually abused them would not continue to abuse others. Even so, sexual violence continues.

And we need to call it what it is. It is not a sexually intimate act between two people who care for each other. It is using your body as a weapon against another. The line of questioning about “types” really had nothing to do with the violence being committed.

Another issue this touches is the assumption that a person should know that a person is going to assault them so that person should be blamed for not taking precautions. Really?! Why can’t we assume that people should act in a non-violent manner?

We had a college classmate who told of her parents being shown an apartment by Trump’s parents. According to her, Trump came in and his father demeaned him in front of them. My personal opinion is that Trump has an inner critic still telling him he is no good so he tries to best others by whatever means possible. And the sad truth is that the results are just the opposite.

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Thanks, Claire. They should put you on MSNBC.

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The jury found bupkis. President Trump was not found guilty of abusing Carroll, let alone raping her! Mr. Trump was found liable for calling her a liar. And she is a liar. And this will be overturned, you betcha.

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