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Comedy Is Free Speech--But That Doesn't Always Make It Right

What Football Coach Jon Gruden's Resignation Teaches Us About Racism--and Anti-Racism

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Do Prospective Graduate Students Annoy You? Let's Think About What That Reveals

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No, Offshore Drilling Is Not Safe

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Breaking: The Evacuation of Kabul

Holding This Space for the People of Afghanistan

The GOP Doesn't Love Children, It Loves Power

The GOP Doesn't Love Children, It Loves Power

Cori Bush's Private Security Detail Has Nothing To Do with Her Support for Defunding the Police

Richard Nixon Resigned on August 9: Why Doesn't Andrew Cuomo Celebrate By Resigning Today?

Democrats Are the Real Party of the Working Class

Alternative Health Care Can Be Great. But for Covid-19, There Is No Alternative to a Vaccine but Illness, Disability, and Death

Actually, Facebook Does Kill People

This Was Not a Tourist

Just In Case You Weren't Tracking

New York Learns to Live with Covid-19

New York Learns to Live with Covid-19

Science Conspiracies Are a Right-Wing Tradition

Selling Trash to Trumpers

In a Federal Infrastructure Bill, Waste Isn't Pork

The New McCarthyism

"What Can I Do to Help?"--Said No Software Solution Ever

Student Debt Is a Problem Only Government Can Solve--Particularly Since Government Created It

You Need to Know More About Alternative Political Media--the Future of Democracy Depends On It

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The Ten Commandments of Graduate School

New York's Floating Pool Lady Speaks

Remembering Gay Activist Vito Russo

Why Don't Professors Retire?

Why Don't Professors Retire?

Ethel Rosenberg's Story

A History of the 1980s Sex Wars You Don't Know

Bear With Me: This Week I Take a Break

Confederate Monuments Are Not History

Why Good History Books Are Like Clocks

NJ Republicans Aren't Fully MAGA Yet

Why Maya Wiley Could Be New York City's First Woman Mayor

Yes, It's A Real Culture War--and The Casualties Are Mounting

We Don't Need a Commission to Study January 6

Come Fly With Me

Fibber McGee’s Closet

What Campus Police Really Do

It’s Time to Ask New Questions About Boycotts

What Kind of a Person Votes Against a Hate Crimes Act?

When Academic Twitter Puts You in the Crosshairs

Don't Forget (Not To) Write

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Taking Down Liz Cheney Is Complicated and Risky

Don't Forget the Pies, Please

Why is Caitlyn Jenner Running for Governor of California?

The GOP Is Smoking Its Own Hashish

When Women Sued the New York Times

Are Liberals Hurting Children?

When a Childcare Center Became a Political Movement

What Culture Wars Do

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

Why the Howling That New York's Private Schools Have Been Taken Over By Critical Race Theory?

When Men Became Feminists

Police Violence Against Black Americans Is an International Human Rights Scandal

Dan Crenshaw's Eye

Donald Trump is in Social Media Limbo

Anti-Transgender Initiatives Are Not Politically Neutral--Or Humane

The Closer You Look, the Worse it Gaetz

The Closer You Look, the Worse it Gaetz

JFK’s Queer White House

Glenn Greenwald Punches Down

Where Did You Put My Office?

Money, Money, Money—Right-Wing Media Is All About Money

Our Nation Is a Shooting Gallery

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Will Beth Moore Pay a Price for Defying Trump?

Andrew Cuomo's Female Enablers

They Were All Ex-Prom Queens

The Art of Losing


Understanding the David Brooks Scandal

Winning Back Democracy: A Conversation with Theda Skocpol

Is Congressman Madison Cawthorn a Sexual Predator?

The Return of Andrea Dworkin

The Stripper and the Congressman

The GOP Family Feud

Women's History: An Origin Story

Why #MeToo Isn't Enough

Hillary Clinton Warned Us About Conservative Conspiracies--We Didn't Listen

We Know What Trump Did. But We Still Don't Know What He Thought He Was Doing.

Collars, Cuffs, and History Collaborations

It's Groundhog Day for the Party of No

Nancy Pelosi's True Grit

History Makes Us More Human

The GOP Is a Dumpster Fire

What You Would Learn If You Talked to Your Conservative Students

Why Are Republican Women So Far From the Presidency?

I Was Not Giving Away My Shot--and You Shouldn't Either

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Presidential Inauguration Post: Fear Itself

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It's Civil War in the GOP

What Can Democrats Do With a Narrow Majority?

Josh Hawley's Cancelled Book Contract Is Not "Orwellian"

Peaceful Transfer of Power? Forget It.

Voter Fraud is as American as Pecan Pie

Five Things You Need to Know About Republican Senator Josh Hawley's Coup Attempt